Cute text message an unusual ‘phishing’ lure to inheritance ploy

When the text message appeared on Ms. Petersen’s phone, she was immediately curious. 13 words, all pointed at one end – “Respond.” “I’m sure it’s a fraud!” she writes to Better Business Bureau. “Is there anything I can do?” Yes, do not respond to this type of text. If you do, it confirms to the […]

5 reasons to support locally owned businesses

    courtesy of the Small Business Administration Whether you live in a large city or a small town, you’ve probably seen efforts encouraging people to “shop local” at some point. But why exactly should you choose a local business? What’s the benefit beyond just being nice to a local? As it turns out, there […]

Fake yellow pages walking into businesses and closing the deal

When Jennifer LaRose, director of Partnered Programs for YPCmedia, got the call from a business a client saying the pricing was different than what had been discussed, she was uncertain how to reply. So, she asked the client to send the billing statement to her. “It was clearly this was not our company, our billing, or an […]

3 biggest credit reporting agencies settle lawsuit with Attorney Generals

Idaho will receive $217,507 from the $6 million settlement

Thirty state Attorneys General investigated the three largest credit reporting agencies — Equifax Information Services LLC, Experian Information Solutions Inc., and TransUnion LLC –  for several years, with a focus on credit report error disputes, problems with credit information providers, and how the agencies marketed their credit monitoring products to consumers. Today’s settlement addresses these […]

Internet Crime Compilation Center releases latest stats on 8 scams

The sign in the front yard said the house was for sale, a Meridian man said Tuesday morning, but the Craigslist classified advertisement assured readers it was for rent. “I drove by, inspected it through the windows, and I know it’s there,” he says after a visit to a home on Boise Bench. “But, when […]


Better Business Bureau Serving Central & South Alabama has been notified of a potential scam involving a popular online dog retailer.

Bulldogs are one of the most sought after dog breeds in the United States. With so many consumers looking to find the perfect pup, scammers are constantly looking for ways to take advantage.

After receiving a call from a consumer about a suspicious website, BBB investigators discovered that the website ( was in fact a fraudulent webpage purporting to be a legitimate online retailer for English bulldogs.

Read more here.

Success the Right Way: Performance management from the ‘gut’

A special interview with AmeriBen-IEC Group CEO Andy Fujimoto

Dale Dixon, CEO for Better Business Bureau, shares an interview he recently conducted with AmeriBen/IEC Group CEO Andy Fujimoto. Better Business Bureau serving the Snake River Region is excited to partner with AmeriBen·IEC Group to extend a special invitation for a half-day workshop on Performance Management. Mr. Fujimoto is one of the most dynamic and sought after presenters in the area, and has […]

Seeing BBB through the eyes of a ‘newbie’

Guest blogger talks about a 100-year-old business with

By Sophie Dichter/ BBB blogger Have you ever wondered what Better Business Bureau is all about? Words like “trust” and “ethics” may come to mind, but what is BBB really like? Well, let me give you an insider’s look from the perspective of a newbie. I joined the Public Relations team at BBB in August. Before that, […]

7 tips to remember when door-to-door solicitors come knocking

By Robb Hicken/ BBB chief storyteller Nampa city clerk’s office says firmly that Gridiron Satellite does not have a solicitor’s permit. Idaho Secretary of State’s office does not have Gridiron Satellite listed as a business. Better Business Bureau does not have any company with this name in its electronic directory. “The guy just said he […]

Four reasons EMV upgrade is good for your business

EMV technology helps to protect consumers and merchants against counterfeit fraud by encoding cardholder information within an encrypted microchip and data that changes with every transaction. This makes EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Chip cards more difficult to counterfeit than traditional magnetic stripe cards.

Transitioning to EMV technology could hold many benefits for your business:

  • Reduced risk of fraud. EMV technology is especially valuable for smaller businesses that typically have a higher rate of fraud than larger companies, according to the Small Business Administration.5Upgrading to EMV enabled systems may also prevent your business from becoming a target, as card fraudsters likely will concentrate on merchants that have not upgraded to EMV.
  • Better management of financial risk. Merchants who do not accept an EMV chip card when presented may be liable for any resulting fraud and related costs.
  • More international customers. Customers from other countries will be able to use their EMV cards at U.S. businesses that have EMV equipment.
  • More methods of payment. Most EMV equipment can accept NFC (near field communication) contactless payments, enabling you to accept mobile payments from your customers with smartphones.