Harry Black is not giving you his lottery winnings; it’d put him in the red

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller Don’t fall for Harry Black’s Lottery giveaway. If you do, you’ll be asked to give away a lot more. The “Harry Black” lottery emails are phishing scams coming out of British Columbia. The emails claim Mr. Black, a Canadian who won the $31 million dollars double jackpot with identical […]

All American Clearing House (866-785-5226) appears to be fraud lottery

By Robb Hicken/ chief storyteller After All American Clearing House made numerous attempts to reach Boise resident Leo Brown by telephone, they finally sent him a letter telling him he was a grand prize winner: $290,000. Enclosed was a check from Ridgetop Research in the amount of $4,857.75 he was to use to pay taxes, […]