Federal court orders tech support scammers to pay more than $5.1 million in fines

A U.S. District Court has ordered the operators of several international tech support scams to pay more than $5.1 million, acting on Federal Trade Commission charges that they masqueraded as major computer companies, tricked consumers into believing their computers were riddled with malware and then charged consumers to “fix” them.  Continue reading …

IRS calls still coming to Snake River region: Don’t panic and pay!

Tax season may be over but that has not stopped scammers from continuing to pose as IRS officials and making calls threatening jail time and loss of property. Thousands of calls have been made to individuals across the country with total losses estimated at a million dollars. Callers to Better Business Bureau say they have received […]

Success the Right Way: Dump the fine print

> The Macy’s ad read, “20-50% off STOREWIDE.” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Not so much. Take a look at the fine print on the same newspaper page and you’ll find 114 items and selected licensed departments not covered by the “storewide” sale. So, Macy’s, which is it? Storewide or selected items? You can’t have both. […]

Better Business Bureau warns of storm chasers

The recent damage created by torrential rains in eastern Idaho have brought out the best in people, as strangers reach out to help others in need. Unfortunately, the aftermath of a crisis also brings out contractors who take advantage of those who have already been victimized. Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Snake River Region is warning both businesses […]

Really! It’s true.

Join us for a Free BBQ lunch in the park

Ted Sermon, Sermon Service & Electric and chair of Better Business Bureau’s board came up with the idea to have a BBQ in the park and invite the business community. So, that’s exactly what we’re doing – and you’re invited.

Lunch is free on Wednesday, July 23, 11:30-1:00pm in Idaho Falls. You’ll learn the exact location when you RSVP now by clicking on this link: Sign up for free lunch.

No strings attached. No boring speakers. Just a chance for like-minded business owners to get together for lunch.

Date: July 23, 2014
Time: 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
Event: BBQ Lunch in Idaho Falls Park
Topic: Business meet and greet
Location: Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Montana health services hacked; Idaho residents receive warning letters

While hackers breached a State of Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services server, prompting an alert on July 3 and notifications sent to over 1.3 million people. Not all information is about Montanans, since there about a million residents, so out-of-state residents will be notified, too. A forensic audit in May showed a DPHHS server had been hacked. The department ordered the May […]

Sweepstakes – don’t pay fees to enter

“I just thought I could help us, and leave a little something for the kids.“ It’s a thought that crosses the minds of many seniors citizens as they look ahead and back on their lives. For the seventy-something Boise resident, it had become so addictive to try to win a sweepstakes that she was sending off hundreds […]

Student scholarship loan applications cause for concern

By Dale Dixon/ Chief Trust Evangelist We’re trying to navigate the complex and confusing process of finding money to pay for college. We keeping hearing from people who say they’ll guarantee free money for school. It sounds sketchy. Any advice? The college application process is an exciting time for high school students, but often an […]

Body Renew closed its doors, now what?


  • Collect your paperwork. Most information including disruption of service, possible closures, forfeitures or loss of dues and fees are outlined in spa and club contracts. Review you contract information.
  • Automatic payment or advance fees. Clubs and spas frequently offer discounts when you allow them to make automatic debits from your bank account or credit card. Contact your bank or card issuer to stop automatic payments.
  • Ask about membership transfers.* When a fitness center closes sometimes other businesses in the area are quick to accept or honor memberships (in part). Contact the spa or fitness center to see if any options are available.
  • File a complaint. Submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau stating your loses and subsequent claims. By putting you information in writing you substantiate your loss of member fees and dues.

*Johnny’s Fit Club has an agreement with Body Renew to allows members to register and use the club free for a month.

*Idaho Fitness Factory has agreed to allow Body Renew members to access any of its facilities until Aug. 31 at no charge to you.