Six tips to protect your company from identity thieves

Protect your business’s bank accounts. Review your commercial banking agreements to determine your protections and reporting requirements. Consider using a two-person authorization or other arrangement with your bank to protect against fraudulent wire transactions. Beware of phishing scams and monitor your bank account(s) frequently. Protect your business identifying information. Guard your Employer Identification Number (EIN) […]

Oregon AG’s Office puts magazine subscription scam out of business

By Sophies Dichter/blogger for BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington We received big news this week from the Oregon Attorney General’s Office when Ellen Rosenblum announced a $3 million settlement with Publisher’s Payment Processing. According to the AG’s office, the White City company had operated a nationwide scam through a newspaper and magazine subscription ruse. The numbers are […]

Check out timeshare buyers in BBB’s directory before signing

Don't be pressured into making a decision that may cost you thousands

When the 81-year-old Boise resident stopped by Better Business Bureau on Wednesday morning, he was concerned about scams involving timeshare and condos. “You know, back when we bought them in the ’60s, they would bring you in and fill you up with liquor to get you to sign,” he says with a smile. “Today, they […]

Father’s Day spending in the Top 10 retail arena

Father’s Day is the seventh in terms of spending in the U.S. A few stats below from the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Father’s Day Spending Survey.

  • 75.4% of Americans plan to celebrate Father’s Day.
  • Average person expected to spend $115.57 on gifts, nearly even with last year’s $113.80.
  • Spending for dad is expected to reach $12.7 billion for greeting cards, special outings, golf lessons, home improvement or gardening supplies, coffee mugs, clothing, gift certificates, and more.
  • Spending on Father’s Day represent 62% of total spends for Mother’s Day.
  • 51.8% planning to buy for their father or stepfather, while others will shop for their husband (27.6%) or son (8.9%) this Father’s Day.
  • 24.1% of smart phone owners will use their devices to research gifts and compare prices.

Success the Right Way: Three tips on changing to EMV cards

By Robb Hicken/BBB chief storyteller Changes in the way merchants process credit cards are causing a commotion for retailers, creating a huge sales opportunity, and forcing some to make irrational decisions. The change is EMV technology which protects consumers and merchants against counterfeit fraud by encoding cardholder information within an encrypted microchip and data that changes with […]

Father’s Day: Consider these tips while shopping

Is Dad an adventure seeker? Is he up for the thrill of whitewater rafting or other exciting adventures? How about golf lessons, a fishing trip, or a new learning experience? With Father’s Day around the corner on Sunday, June 21st, Better Business Bureau recommends shoppers consider the fine print before purchasing adventure activities, classes or […]

Dr. Smith is back with new iPhone – ah, … er, Apple scam; beware of ID theft

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller The 39th Anniversary Draws, by Apple Inc UK, is a celebration of the richest company in the world is reaching out to 25,000 mobile numbers, 30 million individual mobile numbers in 450 mobile networks on every continent. Dr. Lawrence Smith, Apple Cash Officer, is working mobile sweepstakes winners in […]

Accredited Businesses list mined by scam artist; Internet directory and labor posters

In less than a week, Better Business Bureau serving the Snake River Region has been alerted to the misuse of the BBB insignia. Directory listing scam: Several accredited businesses have called to say they have received calls from, a company out of Hollywood, Fla. The business owner receives a phone call asking to update […]

ISJA coalition forms to combat identity theft and prevent fraud

Better Business Bureau helps educate the public about fraud

A collection of nonprofits, advocacy groups and state government agencies committed to helping Idahoans learn about identity theft and prevent fraud have united to create “Idaho Scam Jam Alliance.” Previously, ISJA members cooperated with local organizations to host Scam Jam conferences across the state. These free, interactive seminars feature expert speakers, educational resources and strategies […]